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New Menu of the Hotel Alpenblick

Below you will find the new menu of the Hotel Alpenblick in Grindelwald. The "es het so lang's het" menu is changed regularly because it is seasonal, freshly prepared specialities.

Here you will find more special dishes at fair prices. If a dish is no longer available on this menu, we ask for your understanding. The title of the new menu is "es het so lang's het".

For example, enjoy a Pumpkin-Curry soup as starter and pike pearch saltimbocca, sauerkraut with wine and cream and boiled potatoes with a glass of Pinot Noir from Valais to accompany the main course. As a desert a homemade dandelion flower ice cream

If you would like to take a look at the standard menu, you can do so on the restaurant page.


Es het, so lang’s het

Kürbis – Curry Suppe                  
Pumpkin-curry soup

CHF 9.50

Mit Haselnuss Spätzli und Rotkraut                                        
Jagged roe-deer
With hazelnut - Spätzli and red cabbage

CHF 26.00

Gebratenes Rehschnitzel an Pfifferlingsrahmsauce                 
Rotkraut und Serviettenknödel
Grilled roe-deer escalope with creamy egg mushroom sauce
Red cabbage and dumplings in a napkin

CHF 29.00

 Zander Saltimbocca                                                                    
An Wein-Rahm-Sauerkraut mit Pellkartoffeln
Pike pearch saltimbocca
Sauerkraut with wine and cream, boiled potatoes  

CHF 27.00

Gebratene Serviettenknödel                                                      
an Pfifferlingsrahmsauce
Fried dumpling in a napkin with creamy egg mushroom sauce

CHF 21.00

Kutteln an Tomatensauce, Gschwellti                                     
Tripes on tomato sauce with boiled potatoes

CHF 19.00