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New Menu of the Hotel Alpenblick

Below you will find the new menu of the Hotel Alpenblick in Grindelwald. The "es het so lang's het" menu is changed regularly because it is seasonal, freshly prepared specialities.

Here you will find more special dishes at fair prices. If a dish is no longer available on this menu, we ask for your understanding. The title of the new menu is "es het so lang's het".

For example, enjoy a Strawberry gazpacho s s as a starter and as a main course white veal stew with champignons, vegetables and wild rice accompanied with a bottle of Cornalin.

If you would like to take a look at the standard menu, you can do so on the restaurant page.


Es het, so lang’s het

Erdbeer Gazpacho                                                                                       
Strawberry gazpacho

CHF 10.50 

Grindelwalder Golfbälle
Gebackene Ziegenkäse – Hirsekugeln,
Rhabarber Chutney mit Salatgarnitur
Golf balls from Grindelwald
Fried goat cheese – millet balls,
rhubarb chutney garnished with salad

Als Vorspeise / as a starter           CHF 12.00
Als Hauptgang / as a main course  CHF 22.00

Indisches weisse Bohnen – Gemüse Curry                                      
Mit Wildreis                                                                                                   
Indian white beans – vegetables curry
With wild rice

CHF 22.00

Zweierlei Fischknusperli (Wels und Zander)                               
Kräuterquark, Pellkartoffeln und Salat
Two kinds of fish fritters (catfish and pike-pearch)
Quark with herbs, boiled potatoes and salad

CHF 29.00

Kalbsblankett mit Champignons                                                         
Buntem Gemüse und Wildreis                                                             
White veal stew with champignons
Vegetables and wild rice

CHF 32.00

Kutteln nach Mailänder Art - Mit Speck,
weissen Bohnen und Gemüse

Dazu Gschwellti
Tripes Milanese style - with bacon, white beans and vegetables
and boiled potatoes

CHF 21.00