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Cookie Usage

Technologies like cookies, pixel tags ( "pixels"), hardware- or other identifiers and local storage (collectively referred as "cookies and similar technologies") are used to perform the functions and features of our website and to improve the experience of our visitors.

What kind of technology is it?

Cookies are small files that are placed on the users chosen website or app on your browser or device. Pixel tags (also clear GIFs, web beacons or pixel called) are small blocks of code on a Web page or in an application, with which operations such as reading and placing of cookies and the transmission of information to us or our partners can be carried out. The resulting compound may contain information such as the IP address of the device, the time at which a person called the pixel, a browser or device identifier assigned and the type of browser used. Local storage is an industry standard which allows a website or app to store and retrieve the data on the computer, mobile phone or other device of the user. This includes, for example, local storage and caching devices on or with HTML5.

In your browser or on your device, you can make settings for these technologies. For more information on the availability and functioning of these settings, see the Help of your browser or device. Maybe we can not recognize a browser or device signals when tracking or do not respond to it; Also, it may happen that some settings affect the functions that we offer for your use. Moreover, the availability in your browser or on your device settings are often only for this particular browser or this unit.

When can we read cookies on your computer or device?

Web browsers send with the relevant web page every time cookies for a specific domain (e.g. when a device with these cookies accesses content of this domain. This means that cookies are sent to when any page opens under This also means that these cookies are sent to the domain owner, if someone is accessing the web site or a third-party app that uses, for example, integrated services of our web site.

Sometimes we work with web sites, apps and their partners to place cookies on your partner-browsers or devices or read when you call third-party services. This enables us to cookies on more than one device or browser that you use inside or outside our services, read and refer to those cookies so that we can offer you on all your devices our information and the products and services that we and other can offer, improve and understand about the Internet.